School at Jehovah-Jireh Centre

Children here don’t bath very often, because there is no water supply in the dump village. Most people have to walk to another place to buy water. Now that they attend school, the children can take their bath at school.


At the Jehovah-Jireh Center we love to teach children. Education gives children opportunities to chase after their dreams and raises the hope that they can step out of the poverty circle.

We give the same program twice a day: every grade has a morning group and an afternoon group. Some children go to a public school as well. It is possible for them to join the public school and come to Jehovah-Jireh Centre too.


Our program contains knowledge, character building and life skills. Besides that we tell them about Jesus, because we believe that He is able to give real hope.

From now up to and including 2016 we will work on developing a regular curriculum with lesson plans. The curriculum will be in line with the latest curriculum of the Ministry of Education of Cambodia.

And what is next?

Year Number of children
2008 (start) 30
2014 105
2015 120
2016 135

We motivate children to go to secondary school after finishing primary school. Parents are involved in this process. The children can take part in a Child Sponsorship Program for high school. We do not realize secondary education by ourselves, but we facilitate the children so they can join a public high school. This means the sponsors pay for the school fees, the uniform and other school supplies.