Kampot ministry

In the Kampot province (about 200 km from Phnom Penh City) lies a tiny fishing village called Trapangropao. Here Joy of Cambodia started a home church and reaches out to the village people through literacy and health classes.

It was here that God did a miracle for a little girl. This opened the hearts of the people in the village for the gospel and they asked for the start of a church in their village.

And so Joy of Cambodia started with a worship service under the trees on the 27th of March in 2011. Almost 20 people showed interest and after the sermon God opened the hearts of 9 of them to believe in Him and give their hearts to Him. Praise the Lord! Around the same time Joy of Cambodia started with a Sunday school class for children. About 50 -80 children attend every week. The spiritual life of these children and adults do need nurture.

Besides the spiritual need, there is a huge physical need. They don’t know how to read and write and they have a very poor health care. The parents wish for their children to have a better education and when we talk with those children, they tell us that they really want to know how to read and write and learn English. Our vision is to have a center like JJ Center at the garbage dump down in that village.

At the moment we are able to have a literate class for the children and adults. 8 children completed the course and are able to read and write. 5 students are in the next class now. There is a worship service for children and adults. We offer English class three hours a week and we try to teach them some practical skills like good personal hygiene, the importance of clean water and how to grow vegetables.

When we started it was Srey Ly who spent a lot of time in this village to run these classes. Shrey Ly got married to one of the church members and they just had a baby. Thankfully one of the youth of the church has become the new teacher. His name is Sros and he loves the children and the church. Joy of Cambodia was able to sponsor him in some training and he is teaching literacy class and the sundayschool. His goal is to see those children grow in loving God and follow Him for the rest of their lives. He uses the literacy class also to reach the other children in the village and once a week after class they all listen to the Christian radio program for kids.