Smokey Mountain

The ‘Smokey Mountain’ of Phnom Penh was literally on fire. And this was the place where 150 families lived and still do. In the immediate surroundings another 2,000 people try to find a living. This number includes approximately 600 children.

Smokey Mountain is the nickname of the former Stung Meanchey Municipal Waste Dump in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. Although not longer in use, the slumps surrounding this area are still an unhealthy place to live. Fortunately most of the children can go to school nowadays, thanks to different NGO's like 'Joy of Cambodia' that sponsor the schoolfees. The children still need to contribute to the family’s earnings.


In April 2008 Joy of Cambodia started with its first class. It was exciting to see this happen. The core team existing of Charia You Our and her husband Thearith, took this step in faith. In the run-up to this moment they had been encouraged by the care and the miracles of God. That is why they choose the name Jehovah-Jireh, which means ‘the Lord will provide’. Here you can check out how the school is doing now and what the plans for the future are.

Dorcas Women ministry

For a few years Joy of Cambodia has worked together with another mission to provide pre- and postnatal check ups for women. The nurses who worked at the center also provided the women with basic health care knowledge. Sadly the mission was moved to another city in Cambodia and this work came to an end.

Thankfully another project could start for women: making beautiful accessories from used bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes. Women who used to work on the garbage dump or the street now gain an income out of these accessories. It is great to see these women grow in faith and dignity. Take a look at this valuable project 'Dorcas Women Ministry'.

Home church

In the Kampot province (about 200 km from Phnom Penh City) lies a tiny fishing village called Trapangropao. Here Joy of Cambodia started a home church and reaches out to the village people through literacy and health classes. Click here to read more about this church.