Dorcas Women Ministry

Why Dorcas?

Dorcas was a woman in the Bible story of Acts 9 (in Hebrew: Tabitha). She was known for sewing clothes for lots of people. The apostle Peter restored her to life.

Income generating and more

It is quite a change to go from working on the garbage dump to making nice accessories out of inner tubes. At the moment three mothers are working here and through this are able to provide for themselves and their families.

Generate income is not the only benefit. To create beautiful accessories out of garbage has a positive impact on how the women view themselves.

Another nice result is that the women have more time available to spend at home and pay attention to their children.

In our program we take time to share the gospel, because we believe that income is necessary but knowing Jesus is the real salvation.

To buy

If you live in the Netherlands you can take a look at the accessories an order them easily in our webshop.

If you live in Singapore you can find us at fairs or at

In any case, feel free to contact us by e-mail for more questions.

How it started

A few years ago Charia met Ellen in Singapore. She was making accessories from used materials and looking for opportunities to teach other woman these skills. This was a wonderful and surprising answer to our desire to start a program for women. In February 2012 we were able to start with 3 women.

Now Ellen visits us 3 or 4 times a year to keep up with the development and provide us with materials.